Create Music, Not Problems

Artemis Guitars is a company that creates high quality guitars that are constructed with only eco-friendly and recycled materials to allow musicians to show the world their music and that they have this world’s best interest at heart. Many of todays most popular musicians now only purchase their guitars from Artemis Guitars.

We have been offering these “green” guitars for the past five years and have sold over two million guitars to people all around the world. So if you want a guitar and want to make sure it was made from pure and reliable resources then look no further. We can provide you with the best environmentally safe guitar available today.

In the Beginning

Ten years ago an ambitous young guitarist, Louis Lexington, concerned with where our world was heading decided to take his one passion in life and make sure it did not add to the pollution and destruction of our home. He researched how guitars worked and what went into making them he spent years trying to construct a guitar that was made of the most environmentally safe materials possible.

Louis Lexington A photo of Louis Lexington

Many big name bands rallied behind his cause and donated their money and also promised him they would support his eco-friendly product. In 2004 Lexington had finished his first two guitars. The electric model was named Artemis after the Greek god of the forest which is an area that is being threatened and the first acoustic model was named Dionysis after the Greek god of wine partially as a joke by Lexington but it also represents the strong emotion which he felt could show his compassion for his cause. The popularity of his first two guitars jump started his business and he has been designing and creating different and more efficient guitars ever since.