The first acoustic model created by Artemis Guitars. It was designed by Louis Lexington and is the most popular acoustic guitars that Artemis sells. It has a unique soulful sound created by the shape of the guitar's body. It is made entirely of bamboo wood and its strings are made from recyled steel.

Image of Dionysis Guitar Price: $749.99 click here for more details


Inspired by the Greek god of the same name. This guitar was designed to provide a deeper and darker sound for the more pessimistic rockers in the world. Although still made of bamboo the Persephone model is stained to a near black to match its more sininster sound. This guitar is ideal for a rainy day.

Image of Persephone Guitar Price: $699.99 click here for more details


The latest acoustic guitar made by Artemis Guitars. Made for professional musicians who need an near perfect sound from a near ly perfect guitar. Although the Gaia is acoustic it also has an electric capibilities that are powered by a new solar technology. It has a tree designed into the body.

Image of Gaia Guitar Price: $1299.99 click here for more details