Made with Our Future in Mind

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Artimis Guitars has two main interests at heart. Providing high quality guitars to people all around the world and great prices, and doing our best to make this world a cleaner and better place for everyone. Artemis only uses the most easily renewable resources to make their guitars and they make sure the methods they use to create the guitars is also eco-friendly. By choosing Artemis you are doing you're part to help your world become a better place for everyone.

Artemis Guitars are made in state of the art eco safe facilities. These facilities are almost entirely solar powered to conserve energy and to not expend non renewable sources of energy. Each guitar made goes through a very unique process to ensure optimal quality of the product. All of the Artemis Guitars bodies are made out of the plentiful wood supply of bamboo both because it is a plentiful resource and because it creates a unique sound to the guitar. Most of the other wooded parts of the guitar our made directly from recyled wood sometimes from other guitars that people can trade in for a discount on their next Artemis guitar. Most of the metallic parts are made from recycled alluminum. We deliver our guitars with a company called Green Express which is a company that delivers green products in an environmentally friendly way. All of the vehicles they use are either electric cars or hybrids to cut back of fuel consumption and carbon emissions. All of these measures allow Artemis to provide quality guitars without endangering the environment.

Artemis Guitars does its best to steer its customers to other great eco-friendly products that can equally help our world. These other amazing products our listed here. Many of these sites offer great products that allow consumers to enjoy products such as lawn mowers to snowboards to big fans in the sky that can change weather. All of these products are specifically designed to reduce pollution, oil consumption, and the destruction of our earths forests and plant life. By choosing these products people are stepping up and making the world better one day at a time. When you choose a green product you choose a clean and safe world for our future.