The original guitar of Artemis Guitars. The first one was made personally by Louis Lexington and it took him several weeks to get it right. There are only a limited supply of them left and then they will no longer be made or sold. So if you're a musician that wants a piece of hitory then buy now.

Image of Artemis Guitar Price: $1999.99 click here for more details


Made for soraing guitar riffs and powerful melodies this guitar is suitable in almost any scenario. The Zeus features a lightning bolt desgin to represent the god of thunder that it was named after. The Zeus is semi-hollow body guitar to allow for a more acoustic and natural sound for diverse musicians.

Image of Zeus Guitar Price: $899.99 click here for more details


Inspired by the God of War from ancient Greek mythology. It is designed to create heavy rock music with deep crushing chords and shrilling lead parts. This guitar is favored by metal and hardrock bands that need an edgy and feversih sound.

Image of Aries Guitar Price: $799.99 click here for more details