The Walls Will Listen

The Walls Will Listen is one of the more peculiar artists that supports Artemis Guitars. The only member Karoline Krensie she plays the guitar and harmonica. Her music has an odd and trancelike sound. She was an abused child and spent a few months inside an acoustic guitar for the first weeks of her life, she seriously claims. She lives a hard life and suffers from both serious insomnia and narcolepsy which makes it hard for her to tour and perform although her fans are very supportive our her conditions. She tours and performs for free and often stays with her fans at their houses to really get to know the people that her music touches. She plays the Gaia acoustic model and the Zeus electric model.

picture of the artist
"The voices in my head agree, Artemis Guitars is nice to the plants and trees." — The Walls Will Listen

Guitars this Artist Plays

Gaia Picture of Gaia
Zeus Picture of guitar