The Sodomatic Pistols

The Sodomatic Pistols is a glam rock band with a unique sound and look. The band is comprised entirely of proud homosexuals. They are from San Francisco, California. The flamboyant front man, lead singer, and lead guitarist, Gillian Wade, is an gay rights activists and also feels very strongly about the potential danger we are placing our planet in by our industrial mindsets. Gillian's life partner Guy Norman is the drummer of the band. The rest of the band includes Thompson Hunter who plays rhythm guitar and Gregory Gill on the bass. Gillian only will play the Artemis electric guitar model and Thompson plays both the Dionysis and the Aries models.

picture of the artist
"You know, I really feel like I can get behind Artemis Guitars." — The Sodomatic Pistols

Guitars this Artist Plays

Artemis Picture of Atemis
Dionysis Picture of Dionysis