Sociopathic Tendency

Sociopathic Tendency is a screamo and hardrock band that is from Los Angeles, California. The band has a rough and dark exterior but the most important thing to them is their music and the message that it sends to their fans. The bands frontman and lead singer Ezekiel Culbert started the band about fiver years ago by asking a few friends to come over to his garage to try to make some music. The rest of the band consists of Franklin Goethe playing lead guitar, Clint Pike who plays rhythm guitar, Arthur Madison is the bassist, and Billy Reem is the drummer. The band has been using Artemis Guitars for two years and thinks it was one of the best choices they made for both their sound and their appearance and message. Franklin and Clint both play Aries electric guitars and Dionysis acoustic guitars.

Picture of Sociopathic Tendency
"Using Artemis Guitars is one of the only things that makes sense in this mad world." — Sociopathic Tendency

Guitars this Artist Plays

Aries Picture of Aries
Dionysis Picture of Dionysis