Last Call for Summer

Last Call for Summer is a local band from Peoria, IL. last Call for Summer's diverse sound consists of a blend of pop punk, screamo, and hardcore that blends together to make their sound. The band consists of Chris P with vocals, Eli Cade on lead guitar, Rafael Rodrgiuez on rhythm guitar, Alex B playing bass, and Josh Hedden playing drums. They have been using Artemis Guitars for a little over a year now and they are very adament about spreading a message to their audience about helping keep the environment safe. Rafael Rodriguez, the bands rhythm guitarist, is a big supporter of Artemis Guitars and recently did an interview for us. Rafael uses the Aries electric guitar and the Persephone acoustic guitar. Eli Cade uses the classic Artemis electric guitar.

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"Artemis Guitars helps us rock out with our c@%ks out!" — Last Call for Summer

Guitars this Artist Plays

Persephone Picture of Persephone Guitar
Aries Picture of Aries