Heartless Romantics

Heartless Romantics is a emo/rock band from Massapequa, New York. John Lacey is the sole member of Heartless Romantics and writes and records all of his music by himself. He is a recluse and shys away from the social spotlight. He is ashamed of his fame and fortune and gives almost all of his profits to charities and organizations to make a difference. He was a close personal friend of Louis Lexington and supported his idea for making a great sounding and eco-friendly guitars. Although John owns all of the Artemis Guitar Models he truly prefers the Persephone acoustic model and the Artemis electric model.

Picture of the Heartless Romantics
"If there is one life worth saving, it is the life of our planet." — Heartless Romantics

Guitars this Artist Plays

Persephone Picture of Persephone
Artemis Picture of Artemis