Brachial Artistery

Brachial Artistery is an indie rock band that was formed in Seattle, Washington. The band is comprised of two constant members that founded Brachial Artistery and alternating musicians that feel in the empty roles for different perfomances and tours. The lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the band is Isabella Standford. She is also the primary lyricist for the band. She is accompanied by her husband Edward Stanford who plays the lead guitar. The band has a very calm and soothing sound and really supports and promotes Artemis Guitars and the great things that we do for the world. Isabella usually plays her Gaia acoustic guitar and Edward sports a Zeus electric guitar.

picture of the artist
"We're proud to use a product that both sounds great and doesn't hurt the environment." — Brachial Artistery

Guitars this Artist Plays

Gaia Picture of Gaia
Zeus Picture of Zeus