Aaron Ingles

web design



This is a experimental gaming news site powered by the CMS WordPress that loads in posts dynamically. It has several random articles and was a learning experience for me. I made this site because I was interested in learning how to use content management systems. So I decided to read up on WordPress and how it works so I could make my own custom theme. While creating this site, I used PHP, jQuery, and lots of CSS.

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artemis guitars

Artemis Guitars

The site Artemis Guitars is a site that sells guitars that were manufactured with only renewable resources. It's a clean and serious design with easy to use navigation. This is an early site I created to test my abilities with XHTML and CSS. The goal of the site was to get us to make it fully functional. I had to create all of the content such as text and images for the site. Designing this site taught me how to organize a site before creating it.

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ibradley Countdown Page

This is the countdown page for the interactive competition i.bradley that Bradley University holds each year. I have been assigned to create the finished site where applicants will submit their work into the competition. I made this site because each year students at Bradley gets to redesign the look of i.bradley website. We get to create the logo, the website, and any other promotional documents for the interactive event.

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mobile development

rock show

Rock Show

The Interactive Rock Show is an event that is being held on January 21, 2011 at Bradley University. It will be an completely interactive experience. Users will be able to control the music and lighting around them via iPads. There will also be other interactive applications such as Jump Around and Glow. I used openFrameworks, OpenCV, and C++ to create the light controlling application and the motion tracking game, Glow.

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green geezer

Green Geezer

The Green Geezer is a flash based video game. The goal of the game is to try to remove all of the cars off the road that are causing pollution like hummers or trucks. In the game you get to play as a grumpy old man a you fly around over the highway using your magnet to fling cars into a recycle machine. I worked with a team of other students on this project. My primary roles was creating the graphics and the animations for the game.

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Illustrative Photography

These photos tell two stories about one person. The joy of his first love and the pain that came after she was gone. The photos are edited to have a surreal look to make them seem more like memories. These photos assignment illustrate the emotions of a song's lyrics. The song I chose was Soco Amaretto Lime which is a nostalgic and tragic song.

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Portrait Photography

These are portrait pictures of Cody Brutlag and Tracy Brunsman. Cody wanted his images to look edgy and mysterious. Tracy was my assistant, and to practice for it I took some photos of her as well. I was assigned to take photos of a Communication major for their headshots. Cody was fun to work with and was willing to try unique ideas.

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Abstract Photography

These photos are abstract depictions of everyday things in an usual way. Each is actually something very plain and mundane, but is viewed from an interesting point of view. These photos tried to take normal household objects and make them more intriguing or unrecognizable. The second image is a CD but it is shot to look more like a bird or nymph.

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